Billy and Mernywernz curated a collaborative immersive exhibition inspired by public shrines found in Japan, Mexico and other places on their travels.

Several artists were invited to come together to create their own interpretation of a shrine celebrating the good things in life. The shrines were presented at House of Vans cultural space in London giving the local community the opportunity to engage with each artists unique vision of what makes them happy.

The line up included a sunny mix of artists from the UK, Germany, Holland and France, including Zebu, Krek, Malarko, Naamloooz,
CristinalinaLily Mixe, David Shillinglaw, Billy, Arthur Milo and Mernywernz.

The shrineing exhibition opened on the 26th October, followed by a weekend of activities and workshops inviting the public to pause and think about what motivates them and to try out making their own happy shrines.  

Beginning in 2018 the project continued with the first collection of limited edition artists books commissioned and curated by The Shrineing.